About Us

Well, is it really about us, it’s all about you!

So over to my visitor!

Looking good, feeling good, and doing good, in my thinking are correlated.

These interdependencies are relevant be it in a professional atmosphere or in a personal setting. As the workforce gets competitive, working lives get longer and our careers take on different directions, staying younger and fit becomes ever so crucial.

The mantra of staying younger holds true in our personal lives as well. Not to be vain, we all appreciate beauty, and we all know that we are with our partners for their inner beauty. The way I look at it is that outer beauty just creates the added bit of confidence, aura, and appeal. If you are taking caring of yourself more often than not, it bodes a feeling of positivity that again transcends all parts of your life. It was with these firm notions in my mind, that I envisoned, created, and developed Anti Aging Center.

What does AAC do for you?

As you might have glanced on the mission statement, the purpose of the Anti Aging Center is to be a leading organization that delivers online content on a wide variety of antiaging related topics. The content will include news items, informational pieces, popular solutions, reviewed products and on and on. It strives to deliver an one stop source to all the antiaging related topics.

In short, I scour, research, analyze and you look younger!

Just a bit about me!

I worked before I got married and right after marriage, my family life became a priority. Work become secondary, and now that I look at my boys all grown up– it’s been such a rewarding experience. It was last year, that I decided that I wanted to refocus and reenergize my pent up desire to start a project. And after filtering, screening, dissecting numerous ideas, another baby was born that I have called – Anti Aging Center.

If you feel that you need to write to about any suggestions or comments that you might have, feel free to write to me.