Ole Henriksen – On Renewal

Ole HenriksenIf using anti-aging skin care products with natural, organic ingredients is important to you, then the Ole Henriksen offering will seem incredibly appealing. The line is all natural, ethically produced and tests its products without harming any fuzzy little animals. The products are carefully assembled using high quality active ingredients, and have taken home multiple Natural Health Magazine Natural Beauty Awards for 2010.

 More About Ole Henriksen

Ole Henriksen himself is heavily involved in the company that bears his name. A former dancer and model, Ole Henriksen suffered from chronic acne. He thought the had tried everything (to no positive effect) until he allowed himself to be treated by a colleague who used anti aging natural ingredients to improve his spots. The treatments worked, and Ole Henriksen, who had previously thought his situation hopeless, became intrigued by the skin’s reaction to being treated with gentle care and effective anti-aging natural ingredients.

As far as the company’s philosophy for anti-aging skin care goes, the focus is on renewal. It seems to be Henriksen’s wish that his products become redundant. Using botanical ingredients that are innovative and unexpected, Henriksen has assembled a line of skin care product that challenge contemporary standards.

Products like the Invigorating Night Gel offer a different approach to night time skin care by creating a lightweight, easily absorbed, clean and fresh formula that uses active ingredients like algae and alpha hydroxy acid. This promises to truly turn your skin cells over as you sleep, and consumers loved the immediate tingle and fresh scent, as well as waking up to a brighter, smoother complexion.


Though there are many great serums available from Ole Henriksen, the most popular by far is the Truth Serum Collagen Booster. This is formulated for people with sensitive skin in mind to boost collagen production (obviously) and offer antiaging prevention and protection using liquorice, green tea, rosehips and hyaluronic acid to bind moisture to the skin.


The Fresh Start Eye Cream gives your eyes just that: A fresh start. The botanical ingredients , including wheat germ oil and spirulina, tighten and lighten the skin under your eyes, giving them a brighter, younger appearance. It works to smooth wrinkles, but is also light enough to wear under make-up. Customers felt an immediate cooling effect, saying that it made their under eye skin smoother, silkier and a great anti-aging eye cream,


A great place to discover the crowning achievements of the Ole Henriksen anti-aging line is the Three Little Wonders Box Set, this will give you the Invigorating Night Gel, the Truth Serum Collagen Booster and the Sheer Transformation Cream, which is light enough to be worn during the day, and which is full of goodies like vitamin c and fruit acids which help to smooth wrinkles and boost overall firmness. For only $70, this is an incredible value, and would make a wonderful gift.

Ole Henriksen products are mid to high on the sliding scale of anti-aging skin care affordability. The cleansers float around the thirty dollar mark and the moisturizers around the forty to sixty dollar mark. For botanically based products as effective as these are, the prices are certainly fair. The company is also committed to keeping a low carbon footprint, so it is a good choice for the concerned consumer. I love the idea of using effective botanicals on my face and have had tremendous luck with the Ole Henriksen product samples that I was able to try. Did I mention they smell amazing? They do. Fresh, light and a little bit mysterious. I know that a pleasant scent shouldn’t be the entire focus of finding a skin care routine, but it is nice.

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