Philosophy – Minamalist & Science Based

The philosophy brand has been popular for over 10 years for its minimalist, science based, tongue in cheek approach to skin care and beauty. As a leading anti-aging brand, philosophy’s excellent fresh smelling products like the perennial favorite Hope in a Jar have been selling brilliantly to satisfied consumers since the company was founded over fifteen years ago.

 Visionary Behind Philosophy

Cristina Carlino, the visionary behind philosophy, began the line in 1996 to bridge the gap between the high quality, high functioning products available through dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons and the then lower grade products available to the general public. Carlino found that the anti aging products available to be sold to the average consumer contained ingredients that were common allergens and irritants, ingredients that were not as effective as the ones available to doctors and dermatologists for sale in their clinics.

In her previous career, Carlino had headed a company that sold such medical grade products, and set out to balance the anti aging skin care scales. philosophy specializes in products that are non-irritating, non-comedogenic and non-allergenic. It manufactures products that are made with only the highest quality ingredients which have been tested and approved for effectiveness and use by the medical community.

I had the chance to try the Hope in a Jar Moisturizer. It smelled fresh and clean, like some sort of recently blended lemon tea from a country house in England. These products, one of philosophy’s best sellers, had incredible effects on my skin. I had been dealing with a bit of a breakout because I had been using a sample of another brand. Deep blemishes and a dull skin tone were making me look less than pretty. Not only were the deep blemishes evaporated, but the little wrinkles that are starting to make themselves visible on my forehead were all but gone. My skin also looked brighter, despite the fact that I had been staying up late every night for the past couple of weeks (don’t ask).



Going hand in hand with the Hope in a Jar series is the When Hope is Not Enough Serum. This is a very lightweight antioxidant serum that tones and firms, as well helps to smooth wrinkles. Applied pre-moisturizer, it makes your skin super soft, and consumer reviews are almost fanatical in its favor. People claim an instant improvement in the look of skin’s health and brightness, and one woman even claimed that it made her neck wrinkles go away.


The more intense line of philosophy anti aging products is incredible, also. It enjoys wonderful customer reviews and features an impressive list of antioxidant active ingredients. My mother loves it, and she is an extremely selective woman. philosophy best sellers like the Retinoid Pads and Solutions, which are a quicker, more convenient solution to getting your retinol, have been making waves on message boards and chat forums. These wipe on the face as did oxy pads from days of teenage yore and consumers noticed an immediate brightening of the skin.


If you’ve always wanted to try Retinol, but are cautious about what it might do to your sensitive skin, the Help Me Retinol treatment, which won Allure Magazine’s Best in Beauty Award, has a time release formula that’s combined with bisabolol to reduce irritation. If you have reactive, skin, then this might be for you.


Another retinol option is a little jar of capsules. The Booster Caps Retinol Capsules offer serum strength protection in topical capsules. These promise to improve the overall appearance of your skin; use them just before you moisturize and notice a difference in firmness and radiance, as well as a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles


The Turbo C Booster Powder is meant to work in conjunction with your current moisturizer. A little sprinkle of the Turbo C and you’ll get all the antioxidant protection you need as well as the benefits of your current favorite moisturizer. All of this comes at an affordable price, too. philosophy, being as stylish and effective as it is, could charge luxury brand prices and nobody would blink. Instead, 1.5 ounce jars of its most popular moisturizers won’t set you back more than fifty dollars, and most of them come in under that, making it incredible for anti-aging products.


The philosophy of philosophy seems to be about making spectacular anti aging products that are effective and affordable. After having spent a week with them, I would have to agree, it’s worth much more than the price you pay.

The philosophy anti aging products are famously beautifully packaged. In clear or frosted containers with lowercase lettering, the philosophy brand stands out even before you open the jars. Of course the products contained within stand up to the test. All the philosophy products, again reviewed here are available at our partner, Dermstore.

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