Twenty and Panicking: The Time to Start Anti Aging Regimen

Twenty AgingSo you are twenty, what is such a big deal about that? One obvious thing is you do not belong to the “teen” years anymore and if you look closely at the mirror, you will notice your skin is not as young as you were seventeen. You start to panic! You start to call your girlfriends for help. You read magazines in hope to find the perfect regimen that will help you maintain your younger looking skin. You start hiding from the sun. You start choosing the foods you eat. You become extremely conscious of every thing, including the color of your wardrobe and your cosmetics. Is this but natural?

Is Twenty Too Early to Start Using Anti-Aging Products?
Scientifically speaking, the environment we live in is not the same a century ago. There are so many pollutants in the air, water, and even in the foods, we eat. Work and study even entails many of us to use the computer and to be exposed with radiation, which will easily trigger signs of aging. What does this mean? Do you really need to wait until you are 30 before you start applying regimen that will make your skin younger looking?

Starting early is never a mistake, but choosing the right product that will work on your skin will be a tricky feat to master. With dozens of products claiming they offer the best and most effective formulation, you will find yourself at lost on which product to buy. What then are the tips so you will not fall prey to these?

Stay away from buzzwords written on labels. This includes the following phrases:

• Now with Ginseng!
• Hypoallergenic
• 100% pure
• CoQ10
• Alpha lipoic acid

Some companies have abused the use of these terms and the uneducated consumers are the most common prey to these. They buy these products but after waiting for days, soon realize that they have been fooled. In the end, they lose trust in beauty products and start forgetting about anti aging regimens.

That shouldn’t be the case! You just need to be wiser next time and you will soon discover the perfect anti-wrinkle, SPF protection cream, face cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizers that will work perfectly on your skin. For a start, you should start reading reviews and researches published by experts because these would expose the most trusted ingredients that should be found in your beauty products.

Finding the Perfect Anti-Aging Product for Young Professionals

Throw Away Anything with Fragrance
It is best to stick with products that do not have fragrance because it gives you more guarantee that less synthetic ingredients are added in its formulation. Moreover, studies show that 60% of people are allergic to perfume, so you may belong to this group. Dr. Sam Bunting further states that when it comes to facial skin care, patients would always benefit more if they avoid perfumed products. Although scents may add indulgence to a person, the harm it may bring like burning, dermatitis, swelling, itching, and redness is more problematic.

There is no functional reason why scents have to be added to beauty products, except to mask unpleasant natural smell that formulation of ingredients may produce. Interestingly, there are already a handful of popular brands that have introduced unscented line of younger looking beauty products, which you would enjoy placing on your skin.

Tip: Look at the label and if you see the word “parfum” it means the product contains fragrance.

Sunscreen Products
Get away from the sun if you want to remain younger looking! But is this possible? You are at your twenties and you are just starting to enjoy your life. You will most likely enjoy the sun and all the fun activities the summer season would add to your life. Therefore, the next best thing you should do and never forget is to apply sun protection through the use of sunscreen products.

Benefits of Sunscreen
Aside from reducing your risk of suffering from skin cancer, sunscreen would also prevent your skin from premature aging. This means lesser chances to see wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

SPF 15 vs SPF 30
You would most likely encounter these two descriptions when buying sunscreen: SPF 15 and SPF 30. What is their difference?

SPF 15 will help prevent skin reddening 15 times longer for a period of 5 hours, while an SPF 30 would prevent reddening 30 times longer. Moreover, SPF 30 will filter 97% of the UVB rays while SPF 15 will only filter 93% of the UVB rays. Therefore, if you have a light sensitive skin then you may wish to purchase a sunscreen with higher SPF formulation. The 93% and 97% may seem negligible for some, but those with history of skin cancer in their family should be more cautious and choose the better SPF formulation.

According to the Skin Cancer Organization, anyone over the age of six months should use sunscreen daily. This includes people who are not always exposed to UVB and who work indoors, because even if their office windows can filter UVB it may not filter UVA rays. Moreover, it is better to use water resistant sunscreen protection because it will allow you to enjoy the summer heat even if you sweat too much. Unfortunately, this may not go too well with makeup because it tends to be sticky and it may need to be reapplied after two hours. Therefore, it is better to look for beauty products that may not necessarily be a sunscreen but also contains SPF protection.

Watch out for upcoming tips on how to maintain your younger looking skin for long. Learn the best anti aging products in the market today and protect your skin from unwanted wear and tear causing wrinkles and fine lines.

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