Face Serum Elements: Whats in the Magic Potion?

By definition, a face serum is any concentrated formula designed to improve the facial skin’s texture. There really are no consistencies as far as ingredients go. Some face serum are intended to reduce wrinkles, others to boost collagen production, another strong arsenal in your anti aging efforts, and yet others treat acne and topical blemishes. So not all serums are created equally. There are some things that all face serum do share, though.

Anti Aging Face Serum

A face serum packs a stronger punch of active anti-aging ingredients than a moisturizer does, and it does this because the molecules in a face serum are actually smaller than the molecules in a moisturizer, so they are better able to penetrate your skin’s deepest layers, aiding in advanced regeneration processes that work on an entirely different level. Face serum are also generally more lightweight than moisturizers; this is because the active ingredients, volatile and unstable when bound to other substances, are more stable and effective when bound to a gel or other viscous, clear liquid. This is also the reason that these serums are generally packaged in brown or green glass bottles; to prevent them from suffering light and heat damage.

face serumIf you are looking to purchase an anti aging serum, then you’ll want to look for very specific active ingredients. There has been a lot written and reported about vitamin C in recent times. This is because vitamin C, when absorbed into the deep layers of the skin, vitamin C is instrumental in helping your skin produce collagen, which is what gives your face its supple elasticity in your younger years. Do be careful when using a vitamin C serum, though. It’s quite potent, and in consumers with sensitive skin, it’s been known to cause rashes and irritation. Do not mistake irritation for proof that this extra powerful product is working. If your skin reacts uncomfortably to something bought commercially (as opposed to something that’s been prescribed to you by your dermatologist or doctor) then stop using it, you may cause more damage, causing premature aging, the opposite of what you want.

Another wildly popular active ingredient in face serum is Alpha Hydroxy Acid. This is a fruit derived acid that works by trapping and keeping moisture in the skin, thereby stimulating the production of the all important collagen. This too is something that may be irritating for those who have sensitive skin, especially in a serum’s concentrated state. Because of this, make sure once again that you use it with caution. The benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acid are bountiful, including an improved brightness and a reduction in age spots. Because of the exfoliant nature of the active ingredient, cellular turnover is increased, and younger, brighter layers of skin are exposed.

You will also see serums that claim peptides as active ingredients; these again stimulate the production of collagen, but are in fact complete proteins that aid your skin in its own rejuvenation, as well as working topically. Peptides also deliver copper compounds to your skin. Copper (yes, the metal) is an incredibly effective compound aiding the skin in its own reparation. Short of rubbing pennies all over your face (don’t do that) there are very few ways to get your skin enough copper to take an effect. Peptides offer the solution. Now that you are well informed on Face Serum, you can use your research to click here to review our Dermstore’s wide range of Face Serum products.

A face serum is really an advanced step for those who feel that their skin needs a little extra. I would advise treating it like a topical medicine, and keeping it in a cool dry place away from bright lights. Definitely do observe best before dates, as there is very little an expired face serum can offer your face. Many beauty manufacturers recommend pairing a serum with your regular moisturizer. You may or may not find this necessary. Quite a few people choose to stop using a moisturizer, because their face serum gives them all that they feel their skin needs. Ultimately, the choice is yours. There are many anti aging face serum out there that offer wonderful, quick and effective results, as we have selected favorites of Face Serum in the Editor Top Picks Face Serum section, and they may  may prove to be the future of anti aging skin care.

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