What Makes a Face Serum reverse the aging course?

Face serum are the newest innovation in anti-aging skin care. They seem to have popped up overnight, and the mysterious, potent looking little bottles have found their way into all sorts of fashionable medicine cabinets. Indeed, many of these face serum products seem to be designed in keeping with the potion Isabella Rossellini administered to Goldie Hahn and Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her. Today’s face serum make claims that are not a far cry from the glowing magic potions of our collective imaginations. If you believe the manufacturer’s claims, the fountain of youth has been tapped and the contents are on sale to the general public in the quest of anti-aging.

The Anti Aging Face Serum

So do anti aging face serum really do what they say they will? Pretty much. You may be looking at a bit of an investment, but a high quality face serum that’s right for your skin type can produce seemingly miraculous results. When looking for a reliable face serum, we have some excellent recommendations for you which you can read in the Editor Top Picks Facial Serum section. Many consumers depend more on their face serum than they do on their moisturizers.

face serumYou’ll notice that most face serum are much more light weight than their moisturizer counterparts. This is because a face serum is generally more viscous, you’ll find that it has a consistency that’s more similar to gel or oil than it is to cream. The increased viscosity is often the result of beauty scientists choosing something that easily binds the small molecules of an active ingredient, like vitamin C. Because the molecules in a serum are smaller, they are more effective. They are able to better penetrate the skin’s surface, and they are absorbed more quickly into the skin. Many of the concerns that researchers had regarding moisturizers that claimed effectiveness though active ingredients were due to the size of the molecules. They were simply too big to do much other than sit on the surface of the skin, waiting to be washed off the very next time you splashed water on your face.

A note about that: though the beauty research community is working on finding a solution to this problem, collagen molecules are generally too large to really penetrate the surface of the skin and get to the lower layers where they are most needed. Though there are quite a few anti aging face serum that boast collagen as an active ingredient, it’s pretty heavily speculated that they are not effective. They might do other things, but they won’t deposit collagen in your skin’s deep layers. A better choice would be a face serum product that contains something like retinol or vitamin c, which helps your skin stimulate its own collagen.

You can find face serums that address all sorts of concerns. They are not only good for the reversal of wrinkles and other signs of aging, but you can also find face serum that offer aide to extremely dry skin or treat skin with severe acne. Generally, the idea behind a face serum is medicinal. The ingredients contained within are meant to help your skin help itself, not to create a dependency on the face serum product. Of course the results might be so miraculous that you want to continue to use a face serum even after you’ve achieved your desired results. It’s like taking vitamins and exercising. The more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it, the better you’ll look and feel.

Because of the higher concentration of active ingredients, serums can be a bit more volatile and spoilable than other skin care face serum products; you will often find them packaged in brown, green or opaque glass. This is to prevent light damage. This also means that you should do your best to protect your serums. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from the light. They are like medicines, and should be treated with a bit of care. Anti-aging face serum may be the wave of the future, the concentration of ingredients, the ease of application, the spectacular results; good things are on the horizon.

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