Anti Aging Supplements: Do these really help stop aging?

anti aging supplementsFight free radicals. Take anti aging supplements today!

This is the campaign of many pharmaceutical companies. They claim that taking anti oxidant rich supplements is the key in maintaining youthfulness, but is this to be believed by the public?

The appearance of wrinkles on your face signals damage due to free radicals. Anti oxidants acts as free radical scavengers of the body. Therefore, if you feed it with sufficient anti oxidants then you may indeed reverse the signs of aging and remain younger looking.

One of the master anti oxidant introduced by these companies is glutathione. You may still recall the craze this has brought to the market. Celebrities were the first one to try it and they were very satisfied with the results. Soon, other supplements sprouted like melatonin, coenzyme Q10, astaxanthin, and the popular duo of Vitamins C and E.

Aside from the anti oxidants, anti aging supplements like L-Carnosine, hGH releasers, resveratrol, and astralagus was also embraced by the community. These powerful supplements boosts the immune system, promotes better skin tone and skin firmness, and stimulates release of relevant hormones in the body.

Of course, other natural supplements were also introduced in the market like green juices and powders, which includes spirulina and chlorella; organic coconut oil, and Krill oil. Nevertheless, buyers are advised to take precaution in choosing the product to buy. Always find those that have the FDA seal of approval as these guarantees the products you choose are safe from harmful side effects.

Aside from the regular in-take of these supplements, Russ Mason also recommends dietary changes like preference of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Although eating meat is not prohibited, sticking with lean chicken and fish will do your body more benefits.

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