Look Younger: Eliminate Harmless Habits that Age You

A middle-aged woman looking at her face in the mirrorHabits are tough to break but eliminating these harmless habits will definitely make your skin look younger in less than a month.

Habit No. 1: Rubbing Your Eyes
Rather than pulling and tugging your eyes each time you feel tired of reading or preparing a report, it is always better to just close your eyes for a few minutes. Dr. Johnson says that the tiny capillaries of the eyes may easily break as we grow older and rubbing it will only add damage to the delicate skin around your eyes. As a result, you will have dark circles and more wrinkles around your eyes.

Habit No. 2: Sleeping with Face Pressed on your Pillow
You may consider this habit more comfortable, but pressing your face against the pillow for seven or more hours will easily speed wrinkle formation on your face. It contributes to your facial asymmetry, so if it you really find it difficult to sleep on your back; then the next best thing you should do is to buy a softer pillow so lesser pressure will be applied on your face while you sleep.

Habit No. 3: Less Water Intake
It has been mentioned repeatedly by numerous nutritionists and anti aging experts. Keep your body hydrated and it will help your skin moisturize naturally. If this is another difficult feat for you, then go and take water pills for an easy way to get the skin hydrated and your skin to look younger conveniently.

Habit No. 4: Overdose of Anti-Aging Beauty Routine
Anything in excess is always harmful, which includes your beauty routine. Sure, you love your anti wrinkle creams too much you wish to feed your skin with it by the hour. However, applying these moisturizers and retinols more than its intended usage would cause blotchy complexion and clogged pores on your skin, if not lead to redness and irritation. Therefore, it is best to stick with the product direction listed on its label.

Find additional habits that you should say goodbye to by visiting http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/21/best-anti-aging_n_2732975.html. Love your skin accordingly and it will surprise you with younger looking skin you will always be proud to show-off to anyone.

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