Read the Label before You Purchase Anti Aging Products

When-it-comes-to-antiaging-products-read-your-labels-carefully_691_393668_0_14047169_300With numerous anti aging products sold in the market today, it is quite tempting not too purchase one that will keep you look younger through the years. However, this does not mean you have to put your guard down and simply purchase anything you see online or at the market. You should still invest time and carefully read the label to guarantee the product you purchase will deliver the results, as you want it.

FDA Approval
You will be safer if you will find the FDA seal of approval in these products because it serves as guarantee that it will not produce unwanted side effects on your skin. It is the watchdog information of the drugs and products industry that halts irresponsible manufacturers from selling low quality products.

The Buzzwords You Should Look Out For
Aside from the seal of approval from the FDA, you should also watch out for the following buzzwords that may be listed on your anti aging product.

Organic vs 100% Natural vs 100% pure
These are different terms all together, but you have to scrutinize the real definition of the term organic, natural, and pure. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that because a product contains man-made ingredients it would also be unsafe. If you have time, then you may find it beneficial to perform a bit of research on the apparent ingredients listed on its label.

At times, anti aging manufacturers use the term “hypoallergenic” to highlight the safety of their products. However, this is often abused by some, as the FDA does not specify definition for terms that will be placed on the label of these beauty products. There are even instances that even well-known brands like Loreal, Olay, and Garnier has been found to use these terms irresponsibly.

What could be your best defense?

Read the label of these products very carefully. The same goes when choosing reducing wrinkle treatments administered by plastic surgeons. You should know that the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) provides certification only to those certified plastic surgeons for them to perform Botox and facelifts treatments.

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