The Modern Witch’s Juice for Younger Looking Skin

Anti AgingAre you ready to boil a few herbs, spices, and secret ingredients for the perfect juice that will give you younger looking skin? Prepare your broomstick and fly to the nearest market to shop for the freshest fruits and dark leafy greens because it is time to prepare the perfect smoothie that will make you look younger with ease.

The Green Smoothie Description
A green smoothie is often called the “modern witch’s juice for younger looking skin.” It may not look to appealing, but once you taste it then you will forget how it actually looked like. It is typically made from fresh fruits combined with dark leafy greens that are blended together to produce an interesting smoothie you are bound to enjoy.

The Magical Benefits of Green Smoothies
Since we are trying to convince you to become modern witches, for the benefit of your body, it is best to enumerate the list of wonderful elements contained in a single glass of green smoothie.

• chimney sweepers of the body ( it gets rid of toxins by flushing it out from your system )
• immune system booster (it is packed with loads of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals you will have increased defenses against virus and bacteria)
• energy booster (a glass of green smoothie contains more than the regular intake of fruits and vegetables of a typical American, it is guaranteed to feed your body with enough energy to last for the day)
• reduced stress (it tastes better than it looks and it can be prepared in less than five minutes, it will make your lunch, breakfast, and dinner a delight)

Of course, there are several secret powers behind a glass of green smoothie but discussing all of it in details in this article would be impossible to do. Nevertheless, this infographic would give you additional information about it.

It seems you are convinced. Are you now ready to have fun? Learn how fun, easy, and enjoyable it is to actually create this fascinating green potion for younger looking skin.

• blender
• fruits
• vegetables
• raw chocolate powder (optional)

Modern Witch’s Basic Spell for a Glass of Green Smoothie

• 1 peach
• 1 cup of water
• 2 bananas
• 5 strawberries
• Handful of spinach

After washing all of the fruits and vegetables, combine all ingredients in a blender and begin singing your favorite song. Once you finish your song, pour over the blended fruits and vegetables in a glass, and drink it straight up.

Cheers to a healthy and fun way of enjoying your anti aging regimen this summer! Look younger and healthier with your green smoothie today!

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