Could the Monkeys Know Something About Natural Anti Aging

The Himalayan Mountains, densely populated by happy, agile little monkeys, are home to one of the most potent natural anti aging herbs in the world. The Indians call it shilajit, but it goes by other names, such as asphaltum, girij and the British mineral pitch. Same resin, different names. Though it’s been used for thousands of years by the Indian population as a powerful natural anti aging and generally health promoting substance, it excited the western world only recently. The monkeys that live in the Himalayan mountains are the same variety of monkey that lives in the plains, but the mountain monkeys enjoyed longer, more active life spans than their cousins on the flat land. Why? You guessed it, shilajit. The mountain monkeys were eating a resin that oozed out of the rocks and hard earth in the summertime.

The Natural Anti Aging

Shilajit is a brownish goo that resembles the pulpy bottoms of a bags of lettuce that have been left in the crisper for too long, while I’m sure I’m not exactly whetting your palate with this description, shilajit is actually composed of decomposed, centuries old plant matter that has been preserved by the cold temperatures. It is also phenomenal. The word shilajit translates from Sanskrit to mean “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness.” This may very well be exactly what it is as a natural anti aging substance, with it being a destroyer of old skin cells. Sold to North Americans in gel capsule supplement form, the natural anti aging herb, shilajit regulates blood sugar and is recommended for diabetics, improves sexual performance and energy, improves muscle tone, builds bone density, reduces fatigue, moves minerals like calcium more quickly so that they can get to the places where they’ll be useful, enhances brain function and improves the mood. It also makes your skin brighter and your teeth whiter. I’m not kidding, it increases epidermal cellular turnover and helps to protect the enamel on the outer layer of your teeth.

natural anti aging

Other than its natural anti aging properties, Shilajit is also known to boost immune system performance, making it instrumental in the prevention of arthritis, obesity, hypertension and cancer. It helps your body process food and also gives you more energy to exercise.

So it seems like it’s probably worth it.

Shilajit, the natural anti aging herb,  contains over 85 ionic minerals which would normally have to be obtained from a variety of different sources. Minerals are essential for the proper functioning of your body. You can take as many vitamins as you want, but they need minerals to react with in order to be truly effective. In fact, mineral deficiency will result in severe malnutrition and then death.

Shilajit, being a resin which is naturally culled from the earth, and which is reliant on the preservation of specific environmental areas, is a good ecological choice to make if you want to improve your health while improving the world around you. It needs to be collected by local experts who are familiar with where to find and how to get there. As far as natural anti aging products go, this is a very ethical choice. The price might be a bit more than you’d pay for other supplements which are more commonly and easily acquired, but the benefits are so great that the expense seems inconsequential when you weigh it all out. Just make sure you get to it before the monkeys do.

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