Ginseng: Anti Aging Herb for the Brain

Ginseng is a root anti aging herb that has been used for centuries by the Chinese to promote greater brain function, improve the memory and thereby work as an anti aging herb. It has been used since the seventeenth century in Europe only for its deliciousness properties when prepared as a hot beverage.

Ginseng – Anti Aging Herb

Ginseng as women’s aide as a anti aging herb has again been known to the Chinese for centuries and to westerners for about twenty years or so. I’m not sure why we didn’t just ask the Chinese why they were drinking so much of the stuff, in its concentrated form it‘s not comforting or warming at all.

Women looking to ease the discomforts of menopause may want to investigate taking this anti aging herb, ginseng supplements regularly, it promises all of the relief that hormone replacement therapy does at a fraction of the cost. It is especially good for the relief of symptoms in the reproductive organs, and a help to restore your libido. It also works to relive the symptoms of hot flashes, insomnia and depression.

In fact, ginseng is used as a mood elevator by women of all ages. After supplementing with this anti aging herb, ginseng for two months, subjects in a recent study reported an improved mood and generally increased sense of well-being. No study was conducted on a male research group, but I would be interested to know if the results were any different.

anti aging herbGinseng works because it controls the release and the production of the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for feelings of stress and agitation. It literally keeps you calm. This offers some explanation for ginseng’s incredible effect on your brain, again working as an anti aging herb quite effectively. In a study of geriatric patients who suffered from dementia and memory loss, those who took medicinal grade ginseng recovered their memories and normal brain functions by up to fifteen percent. Different anti aging herb products all make different claims, and though there are some that promise everything, it’s still a good idea to look at our Editor Top Picks – Brain and see what really delivers.

It is also tremendously popular with students, and you’ll see the anti aging herb stuff sold on the counters of convenience stores in little brown jars with red labels. This is pure ginseng extract, and it’s known not only to increase memory recall, but to improve overall brain function. Ginseng, when taken over a period of weeks allowed students to focus better and harder. They also had quickened reaction times and improved their IQ test scores by up to twenty percent. It is important to know that one of the few negative side effects of ginseng was noted among young women, and this was increased menstrual cramps and longer, heavier cycles. This is probably the last thing that any girl who is studying for exams wants, so if you do take ginseng to improve your memory, brain function and test sores, then make sure you do it on the short term. No more than three weeks. Stop Aging Now, carries a powerful extract of the  anti aging herb, American ginseng grown and cultivated in USA, and you can purchase it here.

Because ginseng is able to regulate cortical, it protects your brain from the effects of stress as well as from the threats of degenerative diseases, like Huntington’s. In a study done on test rats at Bayer University, those subjects injected with chemicals meant to mimic the effects of various degenerative neurological diseases enjoyed greater immunity on ginseng. In fact, none of the rats on the pure ginseng extract lost their lives. The positive effects of ginseng on the neurological medical community’s search for a cure might incredible. Only time and more research will tell. Until then, remember to drink your tea and see it work as an anti aging herb.

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