Herbs powering to Ageless Beauty

An herbal approach to natural anti aging is generally a more holistic approach. While commercial natural anti aging products will focus on the outside appearance, the skin, the hair etc, herbal natural anti aging products assume that your beauty comes from the inside out, and that your physical an emotional health is of greater concern to you than your skin tone. Depending on what phase of your health care you are at, this may or may not be true for you. There is some discipline involved in natural anti aging. A lot of herbal supplements assume that you are taking good care of yourself; exercising, eating a low-fat high fiber diet and getting enough sleep. Obviously, doing those things is going to contribute to a greater physical beauty because you’ve put the time and effort in, and you are what you eat and everything, but you may just not have the time or will power to do it this way.

 Natural Anti Aging Products

However, should you find yourself in a position in which the stars are aligned and you are able to take care of yourself properly, you may find that an herbal approach to natural anti aging beauty is just what the doctor (or naturopath) ordered. So what are you going to use in your herbal beauty arsenal? We’ve assembled a few of the top rated, best selling natural anti aging herbal supplements that are available at StopAgingNow. This would enable to make sure that you are well on your way to a total holistic approach to beauty and natural anti aging care, inside and out.


A total approach will include the antioxidant powers of green tea. Studies show that in nations where green tea is consumed as a regular part of the daily diet that stress and cholesterol levels are lower, potentially contributing to a longer life span and overall lower body weight. The Green Tea Extract Plus with Goji Berry and Pomegranate ($24.95 per Bottle) is insurance in the green tea format with the added antioxidant power of goji berries. We all know that antioxidants give our skin a wonderful glow, but they also help fight free radicals in the rest of the body, contributing to a slowing of our overall aging process. This natural anti aging product will help boost your metabolism and fat burning capabilities, so if you feel you’re struggling with your weight, then this may be part of the solution.


Taking care of your heart is a big part of comprehensive natural anti aging. This means maintaining over all cardiovascular health and keeping cholesterol levels low. Of course the best way to do this is through diet and exercise, but sometimes we get by with a little help from our friends, aka, our friends Red Yeast Rice. This wonder natural anti aging grain has been proven to help regulate cholesterol, supporting the cardiovascular system. The Red Q10 Red Yeast Rice with C0Q10 and Resveratol ($24.95) is a high quality natural anti aging supplement made with the purest ingredients to promote total heart health. This is blended from organic, carefully farmed product to ensure the highest standard of purity.


On the forefront of herbal natural anti aging technology is the exciting, indomitable acai berry. An innocent enough looking little berry picked from the Brazilian rainforest, this wunderkind promises up to 10 times the vitamin C content of it’s already vitamin C rich cousins, strawberries. The acai berry is said to fight inflammation, disease, cancers, regulate cholesterol, aid in weight loss, help clear up acne, boost collagen production and improve overall mood. By all accounts, there is certainly nothing to be lost by supplementing with acai berries. The Acai Berry Extract ($7.95 for one bottle) is formulated to meet FDA standards, and made with the purest, ethically sourced acai berries


Natural Anti AgingApproaching natural anti aging holistically will prove immeasurably rewarding. Taking care of your whole body and brain will prove to have been a good investment as you enter your golden years, which with proper attention to detail may turn out to be the best years of your life.

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